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The enchanting sound of Crystal Singing Bowls seem to spark an ancient remembering, touching something indescribable in our being. Made from the highest quality quartz crystal, these beautiful instruments certainly create a magical and powerful effect of sound and vibration. The tones produced by crystal bowls are not just heard by the ear, they are felt in the body, where different tones are said to resonate with particular energy centres and organs. Quartz oscillates at a very high frequency, amplifying and transmitting tone and energy. This is why pure quartz crystal is used in all the world’s most advanced telecommunications systems. Like a powerful radio transmitter, crystal singing bowls transmit potent vibrational energy. These pure crystal tones can affect brain wave activity and support a state of deep relaxation. The resonance and purity of the sound has a profoundly peaceful effect. Singing bowls are wonderful for personal use and for holistic practitioners to support their healing modality. They can be used for sound therapy, musical performances, group meditation, and workshop processes. Anyone can create a beautiful sound from a crystal singing bowl with no lessons. Simply circle the rim with a special mallet. You can play them at any time for just a few minutes and create a sacred space with the potential to restore and revitalise, nurture insight and intuition and quiet the mind. Singing bowls can be associated with different notes. Our singing bowls belong to the C major scale, which is the scale most singing bowl practitioners work with and the same we grace our guests with every day during our Crystal Sound Healing Meditation.  * Your selected singing bowl/s will be hand selected by us intuitively from these seven complementary notes: C, D, E, F, G, A and B.

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