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A curated collection of enchanting crystals and hidden treasures hand picked for their natural beauty...

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The Crystal Castle, To Your Door.

We source all of our unique crystals from Crystal Castle friends all over the world including Madagascar, Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, China, and Morocco. These are small family operations that have been passed down over several generations.

Amethyst Geode with Green AgateAmethyst Geode with Orange CalciteAmethyst Cocoon GeodeCitrine Geode of AbundanceAmethyst Fairy Cave


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Explore sparkling rich Amethyst & Citrine Geodes and see the galaxies within...

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Madagascar Magic

Crystals arrive here from all corners of the world. One of the lesser known places is the island of Madagascar,
which is where some of our most unique crystals come from.

Over the past year, our friends have been searching for the most exceptional sparkling blue celestites.

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Crystal Clearing Essence
Crystal Clearing Essence

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Crystal Clearing Essence
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Allow this divine clearing essence to assist in clearing and uplifting your energy, your home or workspace, and your crystals!

This clearing essence has been created under the full moon at the Earthkeeper, a generator in the Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens.

It is infused with crystal energies, pure essential oils, flower essences, blessings & prayers, chanting & sacred tones and made with love by our crystal Castle goddesses.