How to Choose a Crystal for You

How to Choose a Crystal for You

So, you are captivated by the healing possibilities of crystals but are unsure how to choose the right one for you? Amazed by the vast choice of colour, shapes and metaphysical healing properties?

Well, I have compiled the suggestions below to hopefully assist you in finding the most beneficial crystals for your healing, learning and awakening journey.

All crystals vibrate on a particular frequency, just as human beings do. You will often find that the crystals you are most drawn to will be those that vibrate on a similar or higher frequency to your own. These are often the most beneficial to you at your particular stage in your evolution or life.

There are two main ways to choose a crystal, either in a rational or an intuitive way:

The rational method involves you taking a moment to research either in a crystal book or by reading our helpful mystic lore cards to find a crystal that corresponds to a particular quality or property you are searching for. It can be fun to explore what crystal healers and other people say! Nearly all of us start learning about crystals this way.

For example, say I am yearning for more peace of mind at the moment. I’m feeling really stressed out by relationships or situations in my life. I see that amethyst is considered the stone of peace. From there, I may find myself being drawn to a luscious purple amethyst pendant or small pocket stone or maybe even a raw cluster for my desk. In doing so, I am helping to set the intent that this is the frequency I wish to call into my world. It is as if I am creating a crystal bridge from me to that level of frequency/emotion and the crystal is a component of that bridge.

Another popular way to start is by choosing a new crystal based on your traditional birthstone or zodiac stone.

Now let’s talk about the intuitive way of selecting a crystal:

This path encourages you to take a moment to breathe and open your heart to the crystal you seek. It’s all about using your heart, not your mind, to select the perfect piece. Some people follow their eyes, others use a pendulum to dowse, and some use their hands to ‘scan’ the energy.

The trick is not to spend too long on the process otherwise the logical side of your brain is likely to jump in. The intuitive method is all about allowing your eyes, hands, heart and/or soul to guide you towards transformation, growth and healing!

Many people also enjoy using crystal oracle cards. These intuitive tools can be incredibly useful and accurate in guiding you to your next perfect crystal piece.

For some people, the next step is to actually connect to a crystal’s particular vibration or frequency. In this process you may even experience a tingle, an energetic pulse or a temperature sensation. Others may even hear a crystal’s spirit sing or speak to them.

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