Caring for Your Crystals

Many people feel drawn to ‘energetically’ cleanse their precious crystals on a regular basis and when they first acquire them...
Caring for Your Crystals

Recently, many people have felt drawn to ‘energetically’ cleanse their precious crystals on a regular basis and when they first acquire them.

It is believed that as well as emitting energy, crystals also absorb energies from their surroundings and from those who touch them. So from time to time they need a little ‘recharge’ or cleanse. This can be done by giving them a gentle energetic cleansing and then dedicating them to the ‘highest good’.


Here are a few suggested methods for the gentle energetic cleansing of your crystals, pendulums and jewellery:


  • Intention &/or visualisation: take a few relaxing breaths, hold your crystal to your heart and visualise divine light clearing your piece. Ask that all ‘less than love’ energies are cleared and transmuted.


  • Using another crystal: place your crystal on another crystal (amethyst clusters, caves and selenite are especially favoured for this).


  • Sound: chant or sound a bell, drum or Tibetan singing bowl over them.


  • Smudging: allow the smoke from incense or white sage (the Native American way) to purify your pieces.


  • Moonlight: lay them out to catch the rays of the full moon.


  • Sunlight: place them in sunshine. However, we only recommend using this method for a short period of time when the sun is at its most soothing (like dawn or sunset) so as not to fade or damage your gems.



Whichever approach you choose, it’s important that it feels right to you. And it’s also important to remember it doesn’t need to be a difficult process! So have fun and do it with grace and ease.Some traditional methods you may be familiar with include placing your crystal in water, salt water or direct sunlight. These methods, however, can in fact damage the structure or colour of your precious gems.

Generally, we have found most crystals prefer the gentler methods suggested above.

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