Necklace of Love, Peace, and Truth

Necklace of Love, Peace, and Truth

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This delightful pear drop amethyst necklace with beautiful accent crystals of tanzanite, pink tourmaline and iolite, is a stunning feminine piece. These crystals are said to energetically support in creating peace, a connection to your inner vision, accessing unconditional love and the expressing of one's truth.


The Mystic Lore of Amethyst is Peace

"I am tranquil and at peace with life"


The Mystic Lore of Tanzanite is Truth

"I access my truth with love"


The Mystic Lore of Iolite is Inner Vision

"I open myself to my inner vision"


The Mystic Lore of Pink Tourmaline is Unconditional Love

"I attract love into my love"